Who is this site for?


•    Individuals and families who make $75,000 or less per year who want to purchase life or health insurance but feel they can’t afford it.


•    Individuals who want to purchase life insurance but feel they will not qualify because of a pre-existing condition.


•    Lower income individuals over 65 who need a Medicare Supplement policy that fits their budget.

•    Working individuals and small business owners who want to protect their paycheck in the event they become sick or disabled.


If you fall into one of these categories this site is for you. Or if you know someone who fits one of these categories feel free to send them here.


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"The Goal Of This Site"


Thanks for visiting my website. The purpose of this site is to provide a place where you can go to find access to needed services for low and middle income people. Many times we need help but make too much money to qualify for services or you simply want to find services that fit our budget. If you are personally seeking services for yourself, a family member, or know of someone in need feel free to direct them to my site.



If you are a person with a pre-existing condition* and have tried to get life and or health** insurance in the past and were declined, would like to know if you are eligible for coverage and what it could cost if you qualify? Feel free to request the information you need no matter what your past health challenges have been. I’ll provide you with some important steps that you should take before you submit an application.



I have compiled a list that I simply call “Useful Websites”. It is available by request only. There is no fee to receive the information. I have personally used many of the services and over times I will provide you with details on how I was helped and what you can expect if you use them. I will also provide a comments page on the site where you can share other websites or services that you have used and feel would be helpful to others. You can also include information on how you benefited from the service and what others can expect if they choose to use it. I will include these sites in future updates to my useful websites list.



I have also included articles that explain different aspects of insurance, how you can choose the right kind of insurance for you and your family, and definitions to common terms that some find confusing. If you have a question, feel free to contact me. I will do my best to provide you with an answer. All of my articles will be included on the “More Information” section of this site under “My Articles”. Occasionally I will provide links to other sites that can provide you with more insight on important subjects.



You will be able to obtain free no obligation insurance quotes without having to disclose your name, address and phone number. You will need to provide a legitimate email address or some other method of contact so I can send you your quote. The quotes will be designed for four types of customers, the shopper, the shopper with a pre-existing condition*, the potential buyer, and the client who is ready to buy. Find out what kind of customer you are on the “Common Customer Profiles” page. Depending on the category you choose, can get information without having to give out all of your personal contact information. You decide how much information you want to reveal. 



I have also provided you with my story that will help you to understand what I have been through and help you to understand what led me to creating this site.



This site is a work in progress designed entirely by me. It’s not perfect. It will get better with time. I hope you enjoy it.



“If you sit around waiting for perfection you will never get started.”__ Sheron S.



*A pre-existing condition is any disease past or present that you feel would make it difficult for you to qualify for life or health insurance.



**Once the Affordable Care Act takes full effect in 2014 people with pre-existing conditions can no longer be denied health insurance.