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This site is designed to make you aware of the healthcare options that are available in our local area (The Washington DC Metro Area) and across the country. It is not designed to criticize any healthcare financing option. I believe that all available healthcare options whether it be plans that comply with the Affordable Care Act or other limited benefit options all have their flaws. There are many options available. There is no one size fits all plan.

My goal is to give you the information you need to design the plan that works best for you and your family while supporting local independent businesses in the healthcare industry.

There are no secrets. Everything will be presented to you in a very straight forward ready to use way. Many options are available on a pay as you go basis which means “no monthly payments”. Good news for your wallet.

Since all options are unique, they will each have their own separate page. Some options will require additional assistance for your protection. The majority are self-explanatory.

All information presented on this site is made available free of charge. When you use a company that I have an affiliation with I will receive compensation. It’s a small way of saying thanks for my time and effort while you receive something of value in return.

Who am I ?

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