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Traditional healthcare options are not affordable for many people without receiving assistance. That assistance can come in the form of a government funded subsidy, a government-based healthcare plan such as Medicaid or the use of free or reduced cost public health clinics or seasonal health fairs.

Subsidized Health Insurance Plans

You can find out if you qualify for a subsidized health insurance plan by going to or by using an approved web broker site such as Health Sherpa. You can learn more about subsidized health insurance plans here.

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Public health clinics provide free or reduced cost healthcare services based on your income. Since there are many locations in most states if you are not satisfied with one location you can always try another. You can use the search tool to find a local public health clinic near you.

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Medicaid is a government based health plan for low income individuals based on income. Availability varies by state. You can see if you are eligible for Medicaid by going to  or Health Sherpa and submitting an application through the Health Insurance Marketplace in your state. The information you enter on the application will determine what type of medical assistance you qualify for.

Seasonal health fairs are exhibits that are public events that are open to the public with free admission. You can often get free health screening and other valuable information about affordable health services in your local area. You can also get tips on exercise, nutrition and other ways to maintain good health everyday. Search for free health and fitness expos near you.

If you or a family member is over 65 and do not qualify for Medicare you may qualify for the Qualified Medicare Beneficiary (QMB) program depending on your income. You can apply for it by going to the Social Security Administration. If you are not being claimed as someone’s dependent they should only count your personal income to make a determination. You can find more information here.

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