Misconception: Healthcare is too expensive and cannot be paid for with cash. When you choose to pay cash for many services it can cost you less than demanding that all of your healthcare be covered by a health insurance copay. If you have no insurance it may be your only option.

Biggest Benefit!!! No ongoing monthly premiums.

Pay as you go.   


What services should you consider paying in cash?

Generic Drugs:

If your medication is on the list try Walmarts $4 Generic drug program. Say you want to pay with cash.

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Lab Test:

If labs are not covered before you reach your deductible try using a self-serve lab and have the results sent to your doctor. Ask your doctor if they have a cash price for self-pay patients. Compare and choose the lowest price. A good self-serve lab is "Request A Test"

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Dental Services:

You do not need insurance to get routine dental exams. Search "Dental Exams" on Groupon for great discounts on dental services in your area.

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Primary Doctors Visits:

Ask your primary care doctor if they have cash pay prices for uninsured patients. If they do there is no need to lose your favorite doctor if they are out of network. Click here for a list of cash friendly doctors in your state

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Imaging Services:

Prices for imaging services can vary greatly depending on where you get it done. For reasonable cash prices see "Green Imaging" or "MDSave"

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Vision Services:

Vision Insurance is very inexpensive but if you do not have it search "Vision Exams" on Groupon to get great discounts in your area.