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If your health insurance goes away will you stand there thinking "What will I do now? While seeking health insurance is the first step, if you can't afford it what should you do?

Before you find youself in that situation find out what other options are available to you in your area.

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Once you know what options are in your area choose which options provide the services you need and can afford.

Once you narrow down your choices line them up and create your perfect "Plan B".

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To create the healthcare plan that works best for you and your family you need to explore and think out of the box created for you.

The only one who should decide how you are covered should be you.

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So let's get started. Go back to the top and see all of the options that are available to you. Contact me​ or the service you choose if you have additional questions. Join my Facebook Group and post your questions or to collaborate with others who are also seeking affordable simple to understand healthcare financing options.

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