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Lab test and imaging services are an important part in monitoring our healthcare. Self-serve and cash pay services are available. Who can benefit from these services?

People who are uninsured or under insured. People who are insured with a high deductible health plan or insurance plans with little or no copays.

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Those who want to monitor the progress of a diet or fitness routine.

Those who simply want to save money.

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Those that want price transparency

Here is where you can find self-serve labs and imaging services with transparent pricing. If there is not a facility near you consider a "Medical Vacation"

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Self-Serve Cash Pay Lab Services

  1. Ulta Lab Test

  2. Direct Labs LLC

  3. Request A Test

  4. Jason Health

  5. Everlywell Home Health Testing

  6. Any Lab Test Now

Self- Serve Cash Pay Imaging Services

  1. Radiology Assist

  2. Green Imaging

  3. Regional Medical Imaging Free Mammogram Service. See cash pricing options "here"  Based in Michigan

  4. Northwest Radiology based in Indiana

  5. Progressive Radiology Cash pay options available. Locations in DC, IL, MD and VA

  6. MD Save Nationwide imaging, labs and surgical procedures

  7. Independent Physicians Medical Center: Transparent pricing for imaging service. Based in PA

  8. Valley Health $99 Mammograms for the uninsured. Located in VA and WV

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