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What is a Medical Vacation?

Many Americans are opting to take “medical vacations" because they either can't afford to undergo the treatment they need or prefer to save money so they can spend it on other necessities

It's a rapidly growing trend primarily due to rising healthcare costs and an increasing number of people who are uninsured or underinsured. Many people are deciding to combine two things at once: travel (whether foreign or domestic) and an elective surgical or other medical procedure.

This is often referred to as "medical tourism" or a Medical Vacation. With many cash pay affordable surgery centers and medical facilities becoming available in the USA, taking a Medical Vacation no longer means a trip to a third world country. It may mean a 3-4 hour drive or a plane ride across country. There is still the option of traveling to another country.

You should consider a Medical Vacation if some of the options you find on this site are appealing to you but are not in your local area. It’s also a great option to save money for those who chose alternative healthcare financing options such as Medical Cost Sharing.

Medical Tourism and the key to healthcare in early retirement

This video answers important questions about medical tourism both foreign and domestic

Putting Healthcare First

This video gives a great example of why domestic medical tourism could be a great option even for those who are currently insured

These are some websites you can checkout when considering traveling to save money on healthcare

  1. Medibid

  2. MDsave

  3. Surgery Center of Oklahoma (Oklahoma)

  4. Lonestar Surgery Center (Texas)

  5. Pacific Surgery Center (Washington)

  6. Texas Medical Management (Texas)

  7. Cedar Orthopedic Surgery Center (Utah)

  8. Haar Orthopedics and Sports Medicine New York

* I only listed facilities that openly list their prices so they are easy to find.There are other places that offer cash pay options. You will need to ask the facilities directly. I will add to the list as I learn of more facilities.

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