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Dental and Vision Insurance can both be great additions to your total healthcare plan. There are different types of dental benefit plans. Vision plans provide discounts on on specific benefits. See below for the different types of available plans. See plans and pricing.  Choose the one that fits your needs. Have questions? Contact me.

Full Dental Insurance Plans

  • You haven't visited the dentist in awhile

  • You want extra protection

  • You have an immediate need for dental care

  • They cost more compared to other options

  • Many plans have wating period, copays and deductibles

  • Plans available without waiting periods.

See below for more information.

Teeth Cavities 1.png
Teeth 3.png

Dental Discount Plans

  • You only need preventive services

  • Low monthly premiums

  • Discounts on in network services

  • No Waiting Periods

To learn more see below

Local Dental and Vision Discounts

  • No insurance needed

  • No Monthly Premiums

  • Support local businesses

  • You pay full price for any services not included in the discount

Search for local dental discounts below.

Use the search words "Dental Exam" or "Eye Exam".

Discount 3.jpg
Eye 1.jpg

Vision Insurance

  • Provides discounts on vision care

  • Inexpensive

  • No waiting periods

  • Provides discounts on specific benefits

  • Not insurance but is a discount plan

See Vision Insurance options below

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