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What are Discount Dental and Vision Plans?


Discount dental and vision plans are an easy and reliable way to help you save money at the dentist and eye doctor. These plans give members access to significant discounts at in-network dental vision care offices for a wide range of procedures. These are great plans that can help you save money while offering you the quality dental and vision care you need. Discount dental plan members save on preventive treatments like cleanings and x-rays, and on major treatments like root canals and bridges.


In network dentist and eye doctors have agreed to treat members with quality care at a significantly discounted rates. When you become a member of a discount dental or vision plan, you’ll pay the dentist or eye doctor directly when you go in for your appointment, but at a discounted rate. You don’t need to worry about filling out complex paperwork or waiting for reimbursements.

These plans are a great option for people who:


  • ​Do not belong to an exclusive organization

  • Do not have dental coverage through an employer

  • Have immediate dental needs

  • Have reached the annual limit for another dental program

  • Have prior dental conditions

  • Want to save on dental and vision care

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Discount health savings plans including discount dental and vision plans ARE NOT INSURANCE and the savings will vary by provider, plan and zip code. These plans are not considered to be qualified health plans under the Affordable Care Act. Please consult with the respective plan detail page for additional plan terms. The discounts are available through participating healthcare providers only. To check that your provider participates, visit our website or call customer service. Since there is no paperwork or reimbursement, you must pay for the service at the time it's provided. You will receive the discount off the provider's usual and customary fees when you pay. We encourage you to check with your participating provider prior to beginning treatment. Note – not all plans and offers are available in all markets.

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All vision insurance plans are discount plans that are designed to help you save on vision care services.

Because they are so affordable they make sense to have as part of your total healthcare plan. 

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