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Telemedicine is not a new concept. It is a way to connect with a medical provider from any location as long as you have a phone (including a landline), or a computer, tablet or other wifi connected device. Many services are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Who can benefit from Telemedicine?

  • Some one with minor injuries and illnesses

  • Someone that lives in rural or remote area

  • Some one who is feeling ill and does not want to travel to a doctors office

  • Someone with mobility issues

  • Some one who lacks transportation

  • Some one who is not sure if they should go to Urgent Care or the Emergency Room

  • People of all ages

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In an emergency

DO NOT use telemedicine.

Call 911.

Things to consider before you invest in a Telemedical Plan:

Check the summary of benefits of your insurance plan to see if telemedicine is included as a covered service.

What are the telemedicine copays in your insurance plan? What it would cost you to purchase a plan with unlimited 24/7 visits? A standalone plan with unlimited visits may cost you less money over time.

If you are looking for a more comprehensive plan with the same dedicated doctor or team for all of your visits you may want to try "Virtual Primary Care"

Each telemedical plan is unique. Many plans offer benefits that go beyond the telemedical benefits included in a typical insurance plan without worries about networks and other limitations.

Are the visits conducted exclusively by Medical Doctors or by a Nurse Practitioner?

Access a Doctor by "My Telemedicine"

Top 10 Reasons to use MyTelemedicine

  1. Very affordable

  2. Convenient

  3. No Contract for members

  4. 24/7 Access to a Doctor

  5. Nationwide service/also in Puerto Rico

  6. Complete Spanish language experience

  7. Use from phone, tablet, laptop or PC

  8. 24/7 In-house call center with Bi-lingual reps

  9. Easy to use Member Portal

  10. Online Account Management

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You must use the PROMO Code to get special pricing of  $29.95 per month for individuals and families. (Up to 8 members per account)

Employer groups 2-5 are $50 per month groups of 6 or more are $10 per employee per month with up to (8 members per employee account. Contact me for more details.

The Enrollment Form is in English ONLY. Once you are enrolled you will have the option to choose English or Spanish. Consultations will be in the language of your choice. 

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Telemed 360

Telemed 360 screenshot.jpg

TeleMed 360

is another Telemedicine option. For more information see the links below

Contact me for more information

Membership Benefits:

  • Telemedicine (MD Live)

  • Prescriptions (Rx Valet)

  • Laboratory Testing (MyMedLab)

  • Diagnostic Imaging (OneCall Care)

  • Emergency Medical Records (ICE Tracer)


Additional Member Savings:

  • Let's Get Checked (At Home Health & Wellness Tests)

  • Life Line Screening (Preventative Health Screenings)

  • Beltone Hearing (Hearing Screenings)

  • The Vitamin Patch (Topical Vitamin Patches)


Member Eligibility:

  • Ages 18 and Up

  • Reside in an Available State

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