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ICHRA Client Guide

There are three types of ICHRA employees, those currently enrolled in coverage and need to assign a broker, those who are not enrolled in coverage but prefer to self-submit their application, and those will need help with the entire process. 

Employees who currently have an active insurance account and only need to add an agent for assistance when needed

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Required Privacy Consent Forms

and Secure Document Submission

Please fill out the form below that corresponds

with the state you live in. Use the Secure Document sSubmission

tab to securely submit any required documents

Please click the button below to fill out the required consent form. This is for everyone who needs assistance with creating an account and filling out an application. This is not required by employees who have created or will be creating their own accounts since they can grant permission from within their account.

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Quote and Enroll

Use the link below to see plans and prices in all states. If your state uses the Federal Marketplace for enrollments you can also use this link to complete your enrollment. You can compare up to 5 plans 24 hours a day.

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5 Easy Steps to SecuringYour ICHRA Plan Reimbursement

1. Fill out the Required Privacy Consent Form that corresponds with your state

2. Shop for and buy a health insurance plan.

3. Get a copy of your invoice

4. Fill out the TASC Reimbursement Form

5. Upload your documents using the Submit Documents option above.

CLICK HERE for instructions on how to fill out the TASC Reimbursement Form


  1. Update your information here.

  2. Complete the required consent forms for your state here. (Fill out any document that says required in the state you live in.

  3. Shop for new Plans and Prices here.

  4. Starting November 1st - December 15th you will access your new account here and update your application or just click through the application. Sign and Submit. 

  5. Make your final plan selection.

  6. Pay your premium.

  7. Submit a TASC Reimbursement form for the new year "if applicable"

  8. Submit a copy of your invoice with the updated amount.

  9. Your are done.

All ICHRA Plans submitted after January 1, 2024 as well as all renewals will be submitted off exchange. The Health Insurance Marketplace will only be used to see all available plans and compare prices in one place. Further instructions will be given to you to complete your enrollment.

CLICK HERE Health Insurance Company

Contact information list

 If you have any questions please leave me a text or voice message 24 hours at (571) 636-9366

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