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What is Direct Primary Care?

Direct Primary Care is a model of medicine designed to make it easy for patients to get quality care at an affordable price using a direct membership model. This promotes price transparency with "No Hidden Fees".
Physicians provide primary care services to their patients by removing the “middleman” such as insurance companies from the doctor-patient relationship.  
Patients agree to pay a monthly membership fee directly to their doctor. In return they get direct access to their physician, and a wide range primary care services, which varies by each practice. 
Since there are no insurance companies driving up costs or controlling doctors’ medical decisions, administrative costs are kept to a minimum, and the savings are passed on to the patient.
In Direct Primary Care the doctor patient relationship is the #1 priority.
Benefits of Direct Primary Care:


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To find a local Direct Primary Care Doctor 

Direct Primary Care

Practices in

Maryland and Virginia

Since Direct Primary Care Practices operate independently and the service they offer vary depending on the facility you choose check their website or call ahead to be sure  they provide the services that best fit the needs of you and your family.

For more detailed information about Direct Primary Care check out my YouTube playlist or search "Direct Primary Care"

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