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Direct Primary Care practices are increasing across the United States. Below you will find a list of Direct Primary Care Practices in the states of Maryland and Virginia. This page will be updated as new practices become availale.

Direct Primary Care Practices in Maryland.

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  1. Nextera Healthcare. Locations in Bethesda, MD (They provide Direct Primary Care for individuals, families, and employer groups.)

  2. Evolve Direct Primary Care. Annapolis, MD (They provide Direct Primary Care and Urgent Care to individuals and employers)

  3. Howard County Dircet Primary Care. Columbia, MD

  4. Metro Direct Care Medical. Chevy Chase, MD (Specializes in housecalls. Hybird model. Will works with a limited number of insurance plans. See fee schedule for details)

  5. Resolve MD Direct Primary Care. Columbia, MD (Unlimited visits. Virtual phone visits, telemedicine and email communication.

  6. Rockville Concierges Doctors. Rockville, MD (A modern-day, back-to-the-basics “mom and pop” operation. Annual membership fee.

  7. Modern Internal Medicine. Frederick, MD (Transparent affordable pricing)

  8. Clarii Health Medical Management. Columbia MD (Hybird Direct Primary Care model that accetps some health insurance plans. Affordable prices. Information in Spanish. See their FAQ section.

Direct Primary Care Practices in Virginia.

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  1. East-West Rheumatology and Direct Primary Care. McLean VA (Dr Yousef Zarbalian is not only a Direct Primary Care Doctor but also a specialist which means that for many ailments you will not need to be referred to an outside specialist.)

  2. Nextera Healthcare. Locations in Alexandria, Arlington, Fairfax and Herndon, VA (They provide Direct Primary Care for individuals, families, and employer groups.)

  3. Doc Talker. Vienna, VA (They offer house calls, telemedicine and same day office visits)

  4. Modern Mobile Medicine. Alexandria, VA (Specializing in housecalls and telemedicine. Options for non-members

  5. Pure Primary Care. Alexandria and Fairfax, VA (They have 24 hour online appointment scheduling, office visits, email access, video chats, and phone appointments. No long term contracts)

  6. Belleview Medical Partners. Alexandria, VA (Includes unlimited in-person appointments, phone calls, video calls or emails with your doctor, whenever and wherever is right for you)

  7. Prime PLC Direct Primary Care. Arlington, VA (Same day visits)

  8. Capital Family Practice. Fairfax, VA (Family Medicine for adults, adolescents, and pediatric patients. Non-member pricing available

  9. Micha Joffee MD - Virginia Primary and Preventive Medicine. Vienna, VA (They offer office, video and phone visits)

  10. Blue Ridge Family Practice. Charlottesville, VA (Care for adults and children of all ages)

  11. Lighthouse Direct Primary Care. New Port News, VA (They offer services to individuals, families, and employer groups)

  12. Fountain Direct Primary Care. Chesapeake, VA (They offer services for individuals, families, employers and access to a medical cost sharing plan)

  13. Dignitas Health. Richmond, VA (Care for patients of all ages)

  14. Boonsboro Direct Primary Care. Lynchburg, VA (Affordable care. Same day appointments)

  15. Charlottesville Direct Primary Care. Charlottesville, VA (Full service family medicine for all ages)

  16. Ivy Family Medicine PLC. Charlottesville, VA (Unlimited visits. Telemedicine, phone and email consultations)

  17. Heatherstone Family Medicine. Ruckersville, VA (Same day visits, text, email and video consultations. Savings on lab fees.

  18. Innovation Healthcare and Laser Therapy. Orange, VA (They provide an affordable alternative to the traditional medical/financial health care model. Instead of requiring insurance they offer a simple membership program that puts you back in control of your healthcare)

  19. Housecalls PLC. Charlottesville, VA (Housecalls and in office visits, Options for non-members)

  20. McCain Whole Health Care PLC. Waynesboro, VA (Individual and Group care sessions (Annual Physicals, in house labs, same day visits and more.

  21. Women's Hormone Center of Northern Virginia. Fairfax, VA (They provides general gynecology services. They have a strong emphasis on education, nutrition, and patients’ participation in their care.)

  22. NEW Mosaic Theory MD Sterling, VA (The first Direct Primary Care Practice in Loudoun County Coming July 2020. Unlimited Access, Personalized care, Transparent pricing)